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Look for new features here.  Tips and tricks to maintain and protect your systems.
Windows 7 RTM  is  available  now.  The new operating system will be shipping with new product soon.  Prepare now to upgrade.  Windows XP will not be directly upgradable to Windows 7 so some pre-planning  would be wise. Many computer manufacturers will be selling computers with a free upgrade to Windows 7.  Windows 7 is more stable and reliable and maintains many features found in both Windows XP and Windows Vista.
Is your data backed up?  Your hard drive Will fail some time.  Will you loose your data?  Back up now.  There are economical back up devices on the market now.
Many tasks have been made simpler in Windows 7.  You can easily pin program links to the task bar for easy access. Click and drag to organize items in the task bar.  There are large previews of active task bar programs.  Home and small group networking has been made easier and more user friendly.  Sharing a printer on the network has never been easier.
Wireless security needs to be turned on to protect your wireless network from possible intrusion problems!  The default for your wireless network may be to have security turned off.
Everyone needs an active viral checker on every computer system!  Make sure your viral checker is up to date.  There are new viruses all the time. 

Spyware can be just as bad as a virus.  Does your virus checker check for spyware? There are free and commercial spyware checkers available.

Did you know that there are free virus checkers available to most users.  Your Internet service provider  may provide virus protection at no additional cost to you!

Windows 7 introduces Homegroup.  It is an easy way to share printers and files within a trusted local network like a home or small business.  You need Windows 7 Home Premium or better to set a Homegroup up.  Sharing resources on a network  saves money!
WINDOWS 8 is here!

Windows 8 is here and there are Big changes!  My suggestion is wait if you can.  Wait for service pack 1 if you plan to upgrade.  If you get a computer with it already installed be prepared for a learning curve.  The interface is quite different.  I will be offering training for those who need it.  My fees are modest.  If you love Windows 7 and are thinking about an upgrade, wait.  You probably won't be gaining anything.  One thing to be aware of is that Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows XP.  The upgrade path for both XP and Vista requires reinstalling your programs.  Please keep that in mind.

Microsoft is offering a limited time upgrade price to Windows 8 of $40.  This is a good price, but consider the the price against the learning curve.  Windows 7 will be supported for another 9 years so if you are using Win 7 you are in good shape.

More information will follow.  Check back frequently.
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